Reading Slumps: A Discussion


I’m in a bit of a reading funk, I haven’t had very much in the past week and I’ve quite frankly not had very much time.

The question for me is this: is that a bad thing? I’d have to answer no. I have read 6 books this month, a massive success in my opinion and I’m kind of at the point where I need a break. Reading is one of the things I love to do more than anything in the world and so I don’t want to make myself resent it by pushing myself to read and read and read. It’s the same with drawing, I consider myself quite good at art and so after having spent maybe 3 or so weeks on a project I like to leave it a while before I start something else. It continues to keep it as a hobby I find great pleasure in. I feel personally, that if I was pushing myself to read and read when I wasn’t in the mood, it’d start to feel like a chore.

Currently, I’m reading Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut and although I am thoroughly enjoying it, I am having a hard time a) having time to read and b) being motivated to do so. I decided that I’m going to attempt a chapter or so every evening or a minimum of twenty-ish pages. If I do finish it by the end of the month, YAY! If not, that’s okay too.

What are your thoughts on reading slumps? Do you think there’s anything wrong with taking reading breaks?


8 thoughts on “Reading Slumps: A Discussion

  1. SarahClare

    I go through phases, for sure. At the moment I’m driven by university deadlines and such, so I have to get through my reading list or face my DOOM! Heh.

    Sometimes your brain needs a rest, or time to concentrate on other things. Reading is hard work on the imagination, and you’ve read 6 books this month? Imagine all the information (characters, plot, THE FEELS!) floating around in your head. It’s gotta have time to process it and be ready to tackle the next thing.

    If I don’t feel like reading, I don’t. Simple as. I feel a little guilty if I’m trying to read something for a particular deadline, but heck, if I’m not feeling it, then it can wait.


  2. Yeah, I go through phases a bit as well. From what you say, I can tell I don’t read as fast as you! But there are some days where I’ll read only a few pages, and others when I’ll read 50 or more. Just enjoying it is the crucial thing. 🙂

  3. I definitely go through reading phases. I have to say that I don’t get into a reading slump too often, but when I do, I figure I owe it to myself–and to the books!–to just take a break. The last thing I want to do is just read a book for the sake of “getting through it”–if I’m not enjoying the time I’m spending reading, I’m probably going to miss out on a lot of what a particular book has to offer.
    I find that if I take a break, the “need to read” ALWAYS comes back, and I’m more eager than ever to tackle the next title on my TBR list!

    • You’re like me! I find that I can go a few weeks without reading but then I miss it too much, which I guess is why the break is necessary. I love reading but I think I need to let my head rest slightly;)

  4. This is me exactly, I read in fits and spurts depending on time and other commitments. It makes me sad because I get such peace of mind from reading. It helps me quiet my mind & shut out other expectations/demands of my time.

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